About me and the site

Grappling with R.P. is a site for everyone. Though most of the things discussed here are related to a progressive vision loss condition called R.P. we don’t restrict it to a mere disease that cripples a tissue just 22 mm wide and .02 mm thick (though it is responsible for 70 per cent of things you discern from the environment around you). R.P. is a metaphor for all and any kind of human challenges, though those suffering from the retinal disease may relate it to things spoken here clearly. The idea is not to restrict this site to just patients, but to anyone who is interested in learning about enormous challenges a disability could pose.

I’m (Lakshmi) L. Subramani, a journalist with blindness working for an English daily in Bangalore India and an author of “Lights Out” the story of a man’s descent into blindness, published by Random House India.

Please write to me at lsubramani.visa@gmail.com


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